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Kehatile and it’s staff have extensive experience within the services that we offer and always go the extra mile in ensuring our products are the best, our teams are well trained and that the client experience is always improved.

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We have an impressive fleet of climatically controlled hygienically pristine vehicles to distribute Kehatile fresh food products throughout South Africa we are also able to arrange specialised carriers for special orders.

Fresh & Frozen Meat

Lamb Leg, Lamb Leg – Sliced or Diced, Lamb Leg – Boneless Roll, Lamb Boneless Cubes, Lamb Shanks, Lamb Best-end Chops, Lamb Soft Loin Only, Lamb Loin / Rib Chops, Lamb soft Loin Only, Lamb Loin / Rib Chops, Lamb Racks – Regular Trim, Lamb Racks – French Trim, Lamb Ribs – Cooked and Marinated, Lamb Riblets – Whole and Sliced, Lamb Kidneys, Lamb / Sheep Liver

Cubed Mutton – Bone In, Cubed Mutton – Boneless, Mutton Legs Whole – Local, Boneless Mutton Legs – Local, Cater Mince – Mutton Style (beef / mutton), Pure Mutton Mince

Bacon Bones, Back Bacon, Back Bacon (short back / franchise), Streaky Bacon, Prime Cut Bacon, Shoulder Bacon, Catering Bacon, Bacon Bits, Kassler – Bone In, Kassler – Boneless, Gammon Steaks, Gammon – Bone In, Gammon – Boneless, Boston Butts – Netted, Makon – Beef, Chicken Bacon – “Chickon”, Lamb “Macon”, Lamb Streaky “Macon”

Rump – Whole, Rump – Portioned, Rump Chunks / Strips / Espetada / Kebabs, Sirloin (whole), Sirloin (portioned), T-Bone (portioned 300g up), Fillet (whole), Fillet (portioned), Topside, Silverside/ Pickled Silverside, Thick Flank, Tenderized Steak, Cubed Beef, Marrowbones, Mince 80/20 – Topside (bulk frozen), Mince 80/20 – Topside (fresh), Mince 80/20 – Ground Beef (bulk frozen), Beef Stir-fry / Stroganoff, Oxtail (whole), Staff Meat, Biltong Slabs or Sliced, Dry Wors, TV Stix Plain or Pepper

Chorizo Sausage, Jumbo Cheese Griller, Cheese Fingers, Buckhurst – Foot Long, Russians, Cater Russian – Regular, Conti Vienna’s Smoked, Smoked Vienna’s, Chicken Vienna’s, Jumbo Frankfurters, Jumbo Cheese Franks, Jumbo Chili Russians, Regular Frankfurters

“C” Junior T-bone / Prime Rib, Sliced Forequarter – Bone in (chuck/blade), Sliced Forequarter – Bone in (brisket), Diced Forequarter – Selected Cuts, Diced Forequarter, Cubed Beef Boneless (approx. 75-80vl) , Cater Minced Meat, Steak & Kidney Mix, Kidneys, Ox Liver – Case Lot, Ox Tripe – Clean

Beef Sausage, Beef Chipolata’s, Beef Sausages – Catering, Beef Cocktail Sausages – Catering, Cater Wors, Choice Boerewors, Premier Boerewors, Mini Wors, Mutton Style Sausages (beef and / or chicken content), Mutton Style Chipolata (beef and / or chicken content), Precooked Breakfast Porkies, Cater Burgers 100g, Chargrill (Steakhouse) Burgers 100g, Top Beef Burgers (100g / 120g / 150g / 200g), Chicken Burgers 100g, Mutton Style Burgers 100g, Pork Spare Rib Burgers, Lamb Spare Rib Burgers

Pork Schnitzels / Cubes / Stir-fry, Fillets, Legs – Whole, Leg Deboned / Netted, Neck – Deboned & Rindless, Loin (bone in), Loin (boneless), Loin Chops, Belly (bone in), Belly (boneless), Belly (rashers), Shoulder Chops, Shanks – Smoked, Shanks – Pickled, Shanks – Plain, Pork Mince, Belly Ribs, Loin Ribs, Smoked Belly Ribs, Cooked and Marinated Loin Ribs, Cooked and Marinated Belly Ribs

Premier French Polony (1kg), Premier French Polony (2kg), Chicken Polony, Sandwich Ham, Ham & Tongue Loaf – Whole Units Only, Cheese Loaf – Whole Units Only, Pepper Loaf – Whole Units Only, Paprika Loaf – Whole Units Only, Chicken Loaf – Whole Units Only, Smoked Chicken Roll, Cooked Ham, Hickory Ham, Country Ham – Whole Units Only, Krusten Ham – Whole Units Only, Cooked Gammon – Boneless & Rindless, Smoked Continental Ham, Black Forest Ham, Gypsey Ham, Peppered Conti Ham (smoked) – Whole Units Only, York Ham, Cooked Salami, Hungarian Salami, Cooked Silverside, Pastrami, Rusticana Beef, Pepper Beef, Roast Beef

Cubed Chicken, Whole Chicken – Frozen, Fillets – Rockland, Fillets – Imported, Fillets – “Mamaza” (house brand), Chicken Stir-fry, Chicken Mince, Chicken Thighs, Chicken Drumsticks, Chicken Leg ¼’s , Chicken Wings, Smoked Chicken Fillets, Chicken Livers, Chicken Gizzards

Hake, Yellow Tail & Fish Cakes

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